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The newly designed Allied Sports Programme was launched by the Office of Athletics beginning with the 1994–1995 academic year. The “Allied Sports” program, which is completely inclusive and is modeled after the Special Olympics’ “Unified Sports” initiative, gives students with disabilities the same opportunity to take part in academic athletics as their counterparts without disabilities.

Opportunities Offered by Allied Sports:

  • For students with physical or learning challenges, the Allied Sports Team at Mundelein High School provides sporting opportunities.
  • Depending on the season, the Allied Sports Team engages in various sports. Football, basketball, and soccer are a few of these sports. To compete against other local schools, the children put in a lot of practice throughout the year. 
  •  Eric Billittier, head coach, works in MHS’s Transition Centre and primarily oversees the team. A Special Olympics basketball and track teacher at Jacobs High School from 2014 to 2016, Billitter. The next year, in 2014, he started instructing Allied football at MHS. Billitter has subsequently been the head coach of the Allied Basketball, Football, and Bowling departments at MHS. The interscholastic program called Allied Sports offers disabled students who might not
  • otherwise be able to participate in general education or regular sports programs the chance to participate in athletics. To compete against other schools, athletes collaborate on a team with student coaches to practice physical fitness, improve their social skills, and form strong peer bonds.
  •   Billitter anticipates that the Mundelein Allied Sports Team will be able to participate in sports that other teams on campus can do this year. The pursuit of equity, growth, and partnership by the districts must also continue, according to Billitter.
  • Maureen Baker, a teacher in the Supported Learning Programme at MHS, is another member of the faculty who assists in assisting the Allied Sports Team. After working with these youngsters all day, Baker gets to see the effects that joining the team has on its members.
  •   Baker may not be the club’s coach, but she still has a significant impact on how well the squad performs. When Mr. Billitter comes to pick up the students, it is my responsibility to help my team members remember their schedules and be ready to depart. Watching my pupils engage in the events also allows me to be a cheerleader, according to Baker.
  • The presence of this group reinforces the idea that “all of our students are our students” by bringing attention to the needs of those children who have disabilities. The key is inclusiveness. Not to mention the delight the group offers to our youngsters who participate. Asserted Baker.
  •   Students at Mundelein can support the team even if they don’t participate as players or members by going to the games and encouraging their friends. By doing this, students may contribute to the Allied Sports Team’s positive effects on its members and the entire school community.
Opportunities Offered by Allied Sports:

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Standards for Admission:

Students who wish to engage in Allied Sports must never have played for a varsity or junior varsity team. Volunteer positions as a manager, statistician, or assistant to the coach are available to students who have participated in varsity or junior varsity sports. Before their first practices, all players are required to submit a completed medical examination, parent permission, informed consent, and photographed consent form. Less than a 2.0 grade point average and no more than one failing, incomplete, or medical grade in the previous quarter disqualify students from academic participation.  The 4th quarter of the prior academic year is used to determine fall academic eligibility.

For initial fall eligibility for coverage, ninth-graders who are entering do not have to comply with this clause.  The maximum amount of failing marks for students who are certificate-bound determines their eligibility.  GPA is not a consideration.

FAQs About Allied Sports:

Which website is the main page for Allied Sports?

What city is Allied Sports in?

The Allied Sports are situated in New York City, USA.

Which phone number does Allied Sports have?

The telephone number for Allied Sports is (617) 499-2700.

How can I reach Allied Sports?

Info about how to reach Allied Sports:

Contact information: (617) 499-2700

Internet address:

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