Earth Day Quiz Google In 2024

You can find out more about the wonders of our planet by taking the Google Earth Day Quiz.  This interactive quiz will test your understanding of the environment, wildlife, and conservation. Join us for an entertaining and instructive experience on April 22, 2023. Challenge yourself and discover fascinating facts about our lovely planet. Play now and join Google in celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day Quiz Google

Earth Day Quiz 2024

Google has created a fun and educational Earth Day quiz to celebrate the day. Your environmental knowledge will be put to the test in this interactive quiz, which also aims to make you more aware of the value of protecting the environment. This test will pique your interest and deepen your understanding of the environment, whether you are an eco-enthusiast or are just beginning your path toward sustainability. In order to challenge yourself, let’s take the Earth Day quiz!

Earth Day Quiz 2024

Answers to the Google Earth Day quiz:

On what day of the year is Earth Day celebrated globally?

22 April

 What year did Earth Day initially become a global holiday?

March 22, 1970,

Where on Earth does 20% of the oxygen produced on the globe come from?

 The tropical Amazon basin

What number of nations have observed Earth Day to date?

In 192 nations

How long ago was the Clean Water Act passed?


 Who composed the music used to promote Earth Day?


In how many colleges was the first Earth Day observed?

About 1,500

When did Earth Day become a worldwide event?


What region of the solar system does the Earth occupy?

The third planet from the Sun, it is.

Which ocean on Earth is the biggest? 18.

Ocean Pacific

What celebration took place in 1972 after Earth Day?

Environmental Awareness Day

Which well-known conservationist’s birthday falls on April 22?

John Muir.

 What will Earth Day 2023 be focused on?

Support the environment

What year did Google debut its first Earth Day doodle?


 What organization created Earth Day?

 G. A. Nelson,

 Which student took Earth Day International?

 By Denis Hayes

Which island is the biggest, 19?


Which land animal has the highest top speed?

This Cheetah

The Earth’s atmosphere contains how much oxygen?


 How much of the Earth’s surface is submerged in water?


Which mountain range has the largest total area on Earth?

Mountains in the Himalayas

What served as Earth Day’s main source of inspiration?

Environmental consciousness is required

 How many people took part in the inaugural Earth Day celebration?

20.0 million

Answers to the Google Earth Day quiz:


What is the purpose of Earth Day?

To promote environmental protection, April 22 is observed as Earth Day.

On April 22nd, what do people do?

People participate in a wide range of events on April 22nd, including environmental cleanups, tree plantings, recycling campaigns, educational programs, etc.

What number of countries observe Earth Day?

In excess of 193 nations celebrate Earth Day.

Who decided to start Earth Day in the first place?

Due to the lack of environmental protection laws or regulations.

Who was responsible for starting Earth Day?

The initiator of Earth Day is Gaylord Nelson.

On what day, April 22, was Earth Day declared?

During the 1970s, April 22 became Earth Day.

The date of Earth Day was selected for what reason?

The first Earth Day celebration took place on April 22, 1970, which is why that date was chosen for Earth Day as it commemorates the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

What are the five best ways to honor Earth Day?

Learn about actual environmental issues,

keep yourself informed of successful climate change developments,

Watch Earth-related documentaries, listen to environmental podcasts, and read environmental-related books.

What will be the focus of World Earth Day in 2023?

World Earth Day 2023 will have the theme “Invest in Our Planet” as its focus.


Test on Google for Earth Day An important international event with a strong message of environmental preservation is 2023. By participating in Earth Day activities, you can have a positive impact on our planet and help protect it for future generations.

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