Mastering Your New Scanner: Tips for Smooth Navigation and Efficiency

A robust high-speed scanner can do a lot for your workspace. Manufacturers like Ricoh offer a broad spectrum of scanners for homes, small offices, medium-sized companies, and large corporate workspaces. Once you do your homework and select a model that best meets your needs, you’ll want to learn how to make the most of it. This short guide reviews some vital functions that can boost efficiency and productivity.

Scanning Specific Sections

Today’s scanners have the flexibility and features to handle all types of tasks. From imagining long-page documents to short sections of a single document, these machines are built to handle it all.
For single sections of a document, you can scan them in either automatic or manual feed mode. The most straightforward way is to load the sheet in question into the hopper face-up and then scan the item. Paper Stream, the application suite that comes with your fi-7900, includes the split function to separate a scanned document into individual files by page. This saves you the effort of manually scanning and saving separate pages.

Besides scanning specific sections, machines such as the fi-7900 and Ricoh’s flagship fi-8170 also let you scan directly into many applications. If you need to do a Word scan, for instance.

High-Speed Scanners

Ricoh’s lineup includes super-fast network and back office scanners such as the fi-7900. This machine can scan up to 140 pages per minute of single-sided and duplex modes, plus it’s equipped with a 500-page automatic document feeder. With an Expected Daily Volume of 120,000 sheets, the fi-7900 can easily handle all the scanning needs of a busy office.

Besides speed and volume, the 7900 includes helpful time-saving paper-handling features. Capable of imaging mixed batches, it allows you to scan documents containing multiple paper sizes. This eliminates the need to break them up and scan each size individually. The 7900 also supports an extensive range of paper sizes from 2 x 3 inches to 12 x 17 inches. It can also handle long page scans up to 220 inches.

Jam Prevention Features

Ricoh’s fi series scanners include several technologies to avert jams. Overlap, length, and lag detection track incoming scans and halt a job in progress before a problem occurs. Automatic Skew Detection and Active Separation ensure complete image capturing and avoid misfeeds. The fi 8000 series machines include Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection with ultrasonic sensors to monitor scans, listening to telltale sounds that indicate stuck or stapled sheets.

Improved Image Clarity

Ricoh’s image clarity technologies significantly improve image accuracy. The 7000 series scanners include Automatic Hardware Calibration, which adjusts operational settings during jobs to ensure the highest possible clarity. Models like the fi-8170 include Clear Image Capture, which digitizes images using over 4,900 color levels to eliminate color-shifting and line distortions.

More Scanning Options

The fi-7900 and fi-8170 scanners are designed for larger offices, but Ricoh offers smaller models that also deliver reliability and accuracy. With dedicated home office machines like the ScanSnap iX1300 and iX1600, you won’t have to learn how to scan from printer to computer. One-Button scanning simplifies your document imaging tasks and provides the quality and efficiency you need.

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