5 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles With a Veil

Are you engaged and need a beautiful bridal hairstyle for your special day? Sure, there are a million Pinterest boards full of gorgeous looks, but it can be daunting to find something if you need clarification on what you want.
Where do you even begin? There are dozens of options for bridal hairdos; you can go as simple or complex as you want.
If you’re struggling with a great wedding hair for your big day, we’re here to help! Check out these stunning bridal hairstyles with a veil.

bridal hairstyles with veil

Classic Updo

Classic wedding updos are one of the most stunning bridal hairstyles and an excellent choice for an elegant celebration and a sunny destination wedding. Adorning the updo with a veil is a timeless move that can add even more grace and complete the look you’ve been hoping for. Add some flowers or a veil made of crystals and lace, or go big with elaborate applique or 3D flowers for a visually stunning effect.

Romantic Half-Up, Half-Down

Romantic Half Up Half Down is a stunning bridal hairstyle perfect for a timeless and classic wedding look. This style is achieved by half of the hair being up in an elegant bun or braid and the other half being left down in curls or waves.
You can add a veil to the style by incorporating it. The veil can be swept over one side of the hair, cascading over the curls below it, or even pinned to the hair in desired locations.

Boho Braids

A boho braid is a stunning bridal hairstyle with a veil and has been quite popular recently. The style is an effortless yet elegant way to achieve a romantic and unique look.
Boho braids are achieved by using small sections of hair to create tight or loose weave-like twists and turns. The braid can be encircled with twisting ribbons and flowers. To complete the look, you can add a stunning veil to the intricate braid.

Vintage Waves

This romantic look has feminine, timeless waves dusted with light texture for an airy and effortless feel. The modern bride wearing a veil will find this style captivating. The veil is then artfully arranged in the hair and made to drape gracefully around her face, which puts a beautiful final touch on the look.
Perfect for a bridal updo, this timeless classic can be adapted to fit different hair lengths and styles. Adding the veil is the signature detail that gives the hair a polished look, making it a charming and impressive bridal hairstyle.

Sleek Low Bun

This Sleek Low Bun for wedding with is a stunning bridal hairstyle with a veil. When creating this look, use a pony pick for removing bands, creating a sleek and smooth base.
Take sections out of the hair, create a loop, twist the hair around the bottom, and secure the bun with pins. For extra hold, use hairspray. The veil is then placed over the bun and pinned into place.

Consider These Bridal Hairstyles With a Veil For Your Wedding

Stunning bridal hairstyles with a veil add a beautiful touch to your wedding day. You’ll surely make an unforgettable impression, whether it’s romantic curls pinned up with a fingertip-length veil or a sleek updo with a cathedral-length veil.
Find your perfect look with these wedding-day hairstyle ideas! Did you find this article helpful? Check out our other articles for more information.

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