AlienWheels Hoverboard Review

AlienWheels Hoverboard Review

The Alien Hoverboard I was recently sent being just that, courtesy of a local wholesaler I help out from time to time. Not only was I not expecting any packages at the time, but I also had no idea what kind of board I was looking at.No box, no instructions, no discernible markings nothing. Just a brief note from the guy who sent it, confirming it to be an Alien Hoverboard of unknown origins. Though the one thing he could confirm (via a sticker on the board) was that it was UL 2272 safety certified. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it!

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It’s a standard 6.5-inch scooter so isn’t an off-road model, which in my case arrived in a gorgeous navy-blue shell. Not too light, not too heavy just right for a feeling of quality.

Alien Hoverboard Contents

Alien Hoverboard Contents
  • Main Unit (scooter)
  • Charging cable/Plug In Adaptor
  • User Manual (Though missing in this instance)
  • Free Carry Bag Included

Features of the Alien Hoverboard

The specifications of the Alien Hoverboard 6.5 Inch were unavailable at the time of my review, but the supplier who sent it over gave me a brief summary a while later:

Features of the Alien Hoverboard
  • Average battery charging time of 2 to 3 hours
  • Strong and durable aluminium frame
  • 20-cell Samsung battery for improved range
  • High-performance brushless motors
  • Maximum rider weight capacity of 264lbs
  • Full UL 2272 safety certification
  • Bluetooth connectivity and built in speakers
  • Maximum speed of approximately 7.5mph

Experience with Alien Hoverboard

Stepping on the board for the first time, I was immediately confident I wasn’t looking at a basic toy for kids. The reason being that whatever its weight capacity happened to be, it carried me with no drama at all. The Alien Bluetooth Hoverboard itself was well presented, featuring plenty of bright LEDs and a pair of Bluetooth speakers built in. Taken up to its top speed, I’d call the ride enjoyable but not exactly exhilarating. According to my smartphone, I got it up to about 7mph, which held pretty steadily throughout my test. As the battery lasted around 90 minutes, I’d estimate it carried me 10-11 miles from a single charge. Assuming this is a fairly low-cost board (which I believe it to be), that’s not bad at all.

Experience with Alien Hoverboard

I was also impressed with the responsiveness of the whole thing ultra-sharp controls and an extremely smooth braking mechanism. It’s also pretty nippy on the acceleration front, though not to such an extent as to be too quick for kids to handle. The fact that it ships complete with a carry bag is also fantastic – something I’d like to see a lot more of with boards at all price points. Bluetooth speakers aren’t really my thing, but they sounded good enough when put to the test. Certainly louder and clearer than you’d expect with most budget boards. 


  • Quality materials used throughout
  • Very attractive exterior design
  • Reasonable top speed of around 7mph
  • Impressive range of up to 11 miles


  • Not sure of the current price

Final Thoughts

I would have to see exactly how much this thing was selling for right now, in order to come up with a fair and balanced conclusion. Assuming it’s a budget board towards the low-end of the pricing spectrum, it’s great. Nippy, enjoyable, easy to ride, greater look at and extensively safety tested.

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