Best Paying Jobs In Transportation 2023

The best-paying jobs in transportation can earn marked annual wages and excellent retirement advantages. The transportation industry contains air travel, water, and roads. In other words, the vehicle has a wide range of career possibilities. Best Paying Jobs In Transportation 2023.

Best Paying Jobs In Transportation 2023

To excel in the transport sector, you must be willing to work irregular hours and be organized when following rules and procedures to fulfill job duties and meet industry benchmarks. If you are wondering what conveyance jobs pay, what career outlook, and how to get jobs in this career field, read on.

Is Transportation a Good Career Field?

Is Transportation a Good Career Field?

Transportation is an immaculate career field because it offers stable entry-level positions and a clear career route for attaining higher-paying jobs. The work is also mixed. You can work from performing as a truck driver to warehouse work and then to driver training jobs. Some people enjoy retiring and serving as bus drivers part-time or plowing snow in the winter as a good side income.

Highest Paying Transportation Jobs

Commercial Pilots:

Commercial Pilots:
Median National Salary: $130,440
Education Required:Bachelor’s degree in transportation, engineering or business
Job Growth 2020 – 2030:+13% (above average)
Number of Jobs:113,900

Commercial pilots fly for significant airlines, air freight corporations, and private employers. Pilots may fly commercial airliners, private planes, and even helicopters. Because of the nature of the work, schedules are variable and often possess overnight layovers. The same pay level will hinge on whether a pilot is a lead pilot, copilot, or flight engineer. In addition to education requirements, they must complete flight training with an independent FAA-certified flight instructor or school. Pilots also often have a military incident and are mandated to undergo on-the-job training as government restrictions stipulate.

 Air Traffic Controller:

 Air Traffic Controller:
Median National Salary:$130,420
Education Required:Associates degree
Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 4% (below average)
Number of Jobs:24,500

Air-traffic controllers coordinate aircraft motion in airports and the atmospheres above them. The dream is to hold safe distances to avoid collisions and other hazards. Air-traffic controls work in control towers, route centers, and process control facilities. Alternating shifts are expected in the field, including work at night and on weekends. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree must be fulfilled from the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative and adequate realization of exams and courses through the Federal Aviation Administration institute.

Railroads Workers:

Railroads Workers:
 Median National Salary: $64,210
Education Required:High school diploma
Job Growth 2020 – 2030:5% (below average)
Number of Jobs:74,600

Railroad workers are accountable for the safe process of both passenger and cargo trains. The category involves different functions, including train drivers, control signals and regulators operation, and coordination of movement workouts. The plurality of employees works full-time. A high school diploma is required to be a railway worker, or the equal, plus several months of on-the-job training and Best Paying Jobs In Transportation 2022.

Water Transportation Workers:

Water Transportation Workers:
Median National Salary: $59,250
Education Required:No formal education requirements
Job Growth 2020 – 2030:12% (above average) 
Number of Jobs:66,600

Water transportation workers operate and defend non-military vessels. The job concerns using ships and preserving the safety of passengers and cargo. They may work on sizeable deep-sea container ships hauling manufactured goods, bulk carriers ferrying iron ore, coal, and other heavy commodities, and tankers carrying fuel and other liquids. Best Paying Jobs In Transportation 2022. Different categories contain captains, mates, pilots, sailors, ship engineers, marine boilers, and motorboat operators.

Flight Attendents:

Flight Attendents:
Median National Salary:$59,050
Education Required:High school diploma or equivalent
Job Growth 2020 – 2030:30% (well above average)
Number of Jobs:102,500

Flight attendants are appointed to care for passengers on commercial airliners. The job goes way further than passenger care. Flight guides also experience preflight briefings with pilots, perform preflight checks of emergency equipment, maintain safety practices on board aircraft, and take care of passengers with unique needs. Best Paying Jobs In Transportation 2022.They may also be named upon to comfort nervous passengers, assist and harmonize trouble medical care, and provide guidance during an aircraft evacuation. The work entangles irregular hours, including nights and weekends, and may require overnight stays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The highest paying jobs in 2022 are psychiatrists ($252,385), dentists ($157,307), physicians ($155,400), enterprise architects ($144,997), strategy managers ($140,000), and database architects ($140,000), tie.

The single highest paying transportation jobs are commercial pilots, with a median national salary of $130,440.

The top trucking jobs this year are heavy and tractor-trailer salaried truck drivers, with a median national salary of $47,130. Another are delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers, with a median national salary of $34,340.

Transportation work is in extremely high demand. The need to move goods and get them to consumers is greater than ever with increased online ordering and home delivery services.

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