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Hyper GoGo hoverboards are among the reasonably dealing hoverboards in 2022. This study of the Hyper GoGo H-Warrior presents a well-known image of off-road hoverboards already given at Halo Rover X, Jetson Flash, and EPIKGO hoverboards.

It appears to be the same off-road hoverboard with 8.5″ tires climbed on aluminum rims. However, we completed some analysis, and here is the study of the H-Warrior and comparisons with above said Halo Rover X, Jetson Flash, and EPIKGO off-road hoverboards.

City Cruiser 6.5 Inch Hoverboard Review


  • Best Self-Balancing TechnologyCity Cruiser Hoverboard includes a self-balancing management plan, which is straightforward to understand and keeps balance, letting you learn the skill of credit in minutes. It can go directly and rotate 360; it is the most suitable hoverboard for grown-ups and children ages 6-12, and everyone can go nicely
  • Bluetooth Speakers & Cool Colorful Lights2022 Upgrade City Cruiser Hoverboard Want your favored channels or playlists with the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker? Meanwhile, the hover scooter is provided with calm sparkling wheels and LED running lamps, creating trip more uncontroversial and better fun.
  • Safety Guarantee Our electric hoverboard has been tried. It satisfies the needs of the UL 2272 security measure, and the elevated storm has an overcharge safety process, creating your hoverboard setting more unassailable. If you have any queries, please sense free to reach us.
  • Premium Tough Quality, The surface of the City Cruiser hoverboard is constructed of high-strength flame-retardant materials, which are not scared of crashing and burning. Thickened rubber pedals deliver strength and oscillation damping while hanging. Not only accomplishes this enhance safety, but it means a more relaxed regime.
  • Excellent GiftThis hoverboard for children ages 6-12 is a beautiful gift for a birthday or Christmas; this hoverboard offers children more fun and space.


Read more Additional Fun, Easy, and Instinctive Riding City Cruiser hoverboard with a remarkably durable self-balancing design, it’sit’sit’s straightforward to understand for newbies. 6.5″ wheels with high-quality rubber tires and comfortable floor pedals deliver a soft riding adventure.

UL Certified Charger Electrical, guns, and charger systems are tried and approved for UL 2272 safety measures. The upgraded guns have overcharge security to create setting your hoverboard safer. City Cruiser 6.5″ Hoverboard Carrying Bag to Bring your City Cruiser Hoverboard anywhere with this City Cruiser Carrying Bag, constructed of high-quality, long-lasting Oxford material, is washable and comfortable to hold. Read more This elevated hoverboard arrives in four colors; the hoverboard for children aged 6-12 is a beautiful present for a birthday or Christmas; this hoverboard gives more fun and space to kids.

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Package Dimensions‎25 x 9.5 x 9 inches; 17.35 Pounds
Item Weight‎17.31 pounds
Manufacturer‎City Cruiser
Country of Origin‎China
Date First Available‎April 8, 2022

8.5-inch All-terrain Rubber Tires

The relatively calm things about the H-Warrior are other colorways that are very convenient for off-road hoverboards. The H-Warrior model has 8.5″ spins with rubber tires climbed on jet aluminum edges allowing it to run over most difficult landscapes like mud, sand, stone, hay, snow, and dirt. But don’tdon’tdon’t ignore that it can’tcan’tcan’t go via deep snow or mud; hold it accurate!!!

Battery & Speed

As we study only UL2272-certified hoverboards, it’sit’sit’s understandable that the H-Warrior has given all necessary UL conditions and difficulties. It is powered with 4.0Ah, 25.2V, 100.8WH Li-ion storm gathering, and with fully set guns, you can go as far as six leagues (depending on riding style and terrain) with a top rate of 6 mph. Be mindful that you will require about 2.5 hours to restore artillery fully.

8.5-inch All-terrain Rubber Tires

Built-in Speaker

The H-Warrior has a built-in Bluetooth lecturer in charge to give buyers extra knowledge during the passage. The lecturer recreates simulated sounds of a racing automobile for more fantastic sound results.

Also, it’sit’sit’s fitted with a self-balancing method for adequate strength while dancing on it. Check storm life hand with 4 level battery hand indicates how much liquid is left in the storms. Also, the H-Warrior has combined brilliant LED headlights for a safer ride during the night.

Most suitable for Children

Maintain in intellect that the H-Warrior is most suitable for newbies and kids since the top significance boundary is just 198 lbs. If you are more severe than this, I positively suggest Halo Rover X off-road hoverboard as the best off-road hoverboard for grown-ups in 2022. But, because of these limitations, the H-Warrior is considerably more affordable than similar rival effects.


  • Stable management and implementation
  • Excellent innovation and rate manufacturing
  • Handles secure and durable underfoot
  • Proper content of around 10 miles
  • A top rate of about 7.4mph
  • Leaders in about 2 hours
  • Vessels finished with a carry bag
  • Very colorful LEDs for enhanced visibility
  • Excellent deal for the whole home


  • Leading rider importance power of 165lbs


On the form, I would need help to guide the City Cruiser 6.5 Inch Hoverboard as a scooter for grown-ups. Or, for that case, a scooter for the whole home to communicate. The explanation is that, to my understanding, at least produced men and females often consider more than 164 lbs!

In which case, you’dyou’dyou’d be violating the factory’sfactory’sfactory’s policies and invalidating your guarantee. Usually, I would never suggest hanging a scooter you’reyou’reyou’re too rich for. You might fail it, or your power might damage the procedure.

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