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Spirit in the new spring/summer 2019 exhibition transformed their old nail classes and came out with new ones. They have unique content, a new formula, and some new shades, and they all glance so pretty. I tested three of them, and I’ll share my view on them with you today! I’m probably pretty late with this study, but I would like to communicate with you some good cheap nail polish choices.

The stuffing is so cute, and I like it. Stuff nail polishes are affordable and have numerous colors, and I’m sure you can find something you want. I prefer the new content to the old one, which looks sleeker. I have three other shades, and those are 04 – Millennial pink (pale pink tint), 13 – Legally pink (dark pink/red dye), and 28 – Razzle dazzle (shimmery bronzy shade). Nature argues that these are long-lasting nail polishes with quick dry gel. You get 8 ml of product or 0.27 fl. oz.

The new formula of Nature nail shine is so right. I love this new formula; it reminds me of Catrice gel nail shine. It’s super comfortable to use. The brush is so helpful and easy to carry on a nail cover. It wraps nicely and holds an excellent product.

Also, these do dry fast. If you apply one layer, it’s thoroughly dehydrated in a few minutes so that you can use your indicators. If you apply two skins, it takes extended to dry, but it takes longer than 30 minutes. Some nail shines directly and takes hours to dry, so waiting for them is irritating. Shadier shadows of these nail classes need only one skin, and they are entirely unclear, which is fantastic.

I usually wear only one coat as it dries in a few minutes. The pale pink shade looks good with one coat, but I prefer to count two skins to be sure it is entirely unclear. They last pretty well on nails; one skin lasts about three days. If you model two coats staying power is improved; obviously, it can hold up to 7 days. I think the lasting power of these nail polishes is perfect, and I recommend them.

essence gel nail polish reviews

Development Report:

The course in nails – comfortable like nail shine, amazing like gel! the creative base skin and complete coat procedure enhances the durability of the “gel nail polish” by 60 percent! The nails are provided an extreme, long-lasting gel-shine finish without needing an LED or UV lamp. Apply the gel nail polish base coat and let it dry completely.

Then use the gel nail polish in the shade of your favorite and let this dry well, too. For a flawless finish, you require a skin of gel nail gloss top coat – and you’re done! The nail style is easy to release using conventional nail polish remover.

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My Adventure with Nature the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

This top skin arrives in a standard nail gloss bottle with an ordinary brush, but the gel skin is unlike your different full skins. It is extensive, and just living on your pins feels like plastic, that is, ideally. This top coat uses well, dries in less than 60 seconds, and seals the nail paint. It prolongs the wear time of the nail paint, as the label claims, but the most incredible look of shiny, plump nails that this top coat imparts is something I love more.

My Adventure with Nature the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

My Experience with Nature the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

This top skin comes in a traditional nail front bottle with a regular brush, but the gel skin is unlike your other full skins. It is comprehensive, and just living on your pins touches like plastic, that is, ideally. This complete skin uses well, dries in less than 60 seconds, and seals the nail paint. It lengthens the wear time of the nail color, as the title claims, but the most fantastic face of shiny, plump nails that this top skin imparts is something I love more.

Essence The Gel base coat arrives in a slightly extra bottle than the regular courses but holds the exact 8ml. It has a little blue tinge, comparable to when you wear white under a UV light, and dries fast. The top coat arrives with a similar size/brush in a cute echoed bottle.
This time they brought out a white that can be used alone or as a color-boosting base.

Essence, The Gel in Wild White Ways doesn’t keep the chalky look of multiple white graces and is mostly unclear in one coat (as shown above) but requires two coats if modeling it as a white polish. As a base, one level is sufficient as the color skins are pretty pigmented.

Essence The Gel is available in 8 shades in my local shops: Don’t Be Shy (Lime-ish), Wild White Ways (White), Black Is Back (Black) & Play With My Mint (Mint Green), Fame Fatal (Red), Indian Summer (Peachy-Pink), Lucky (Bright Pink) & Sweet As Candy (Pale Pink). Sweet as Candy is the only sheer polish of the eight I found.

Spirit informs me that The Gel nail classes are also known in Canada in Absolute Pure (Clear), Space Queen (Light Pink with Glitter), Party Princess (Pink with Glitter), VaVa Voom (Soft Matte Bright Pink), Amazed By You (Medium Purple), Let’s Get Failed (Bright Blue) and Rock My World (Grey). You can choose them up only at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Sadly, some of the shades I was most looking forward to trying are unavailable in Canada, and I will have to find somebody to call them for me elsewhere. Serendipity is a beautiful lilac purple; My Diary is a dusty rose; on Air is a gold sparkle, and Engaged is a satin-finished pink. I would love to see these added to the Canadian collection. See all Essence The Gel colors here.

My Experience with Nature the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

Pros of Nature the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

  • Fat and polished look.
  • Imparts the face of natural gel nails.
  • Parches are shorter than a minute.
  • Performs well with all nail classes of mine.
  • If bedsheets ruin it, it fills up cracks and bumps in my nail class.
  • Lasts better than seven days.
  • It supports my nails do not stain.
  • It helps by bypassing chipping.

Cons of Nature the Gel Nail Polish Top Coat:

  • Power peel if too broadly wax is applied.
  • It thickens soon, as it already is a comprehensive formula.
  • Not that readily available.

Buy Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Essence The Gel is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. The colors are $2.99, and the base coat and top coat are $4.49. No lamp is needed to cure these gel-like polishes; they should last a week if you are not too hard on your nails.

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