Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

With smartphones and easy internet availability came the need to stream videos online. It there a better way to stream online videos other than YouTube? Certainly not; YouTube is regarded as the best online video streaming website of today. Many video streaming websites came, but none of them could achieve that level of prestige as YouTube did. There are plenty of reasons why this web service is amazing – free to stream content, billions of hours of videos and much more. Sadly, YouTube does not come with a video downloading feature. This means that you can only watch the videos online. But, no need to worry because there are these five free to use Android apps that allow video downloading from YouTube.


  • VidMate – VidMate tops the chart over here as it is the most consistent video downloading app on Android. First and foremost, it is absolutely free to download (and free to use as well) which can be downloaded from https://installvidmate.com/ for free. You can download all of the YouTube videos for free with VidMate. There are no viruses in this app that is why it runs so smoothly on every device. Furthermore, VidMate makes use of advanced video compression that reduces the video size that, in turn, saves memory. There are so many different features of VidMate and you should download it today to find out more. VidMate offers the best HD videos for free from YouTube.


  • NewPipe – NewPipe is a relatively newer video downloading app for Android smartphones and tables. Just like other apps, it too can run on Android emulators. Anyway, NewPipe allows users to download online videos for free across an array of video streaming websites. It is a very light weight app that works absolutely fine on every Android device. It primarily aims on providing users with the best video downloading experience. There are no ads or micro-transactions in this app. All you get is a simple and easy to use app that can download YouTube videos for free. Download NewPipe online for free today.


  • InsTube – The name InsTube has been derived from Instagram and YouTube, two of the most popular apps of the time. What InsTube does is that it downloads online videos from YouTube and Instagram for free. It can also download the videos from many other video streaming websites for free. It does not contain any unwanted viruses or bloatwares and due to this, more than 50 million people use InsTube. It is one the fastest grossing apps for downloading online videos for free. Once you download InsTube, you will be able to download YouTube videos for free. InsTube is the perfect app for online video downloading. It is reliable as well as safe to use.


  • TubeMate – This name cannot be missed when naming the top free Android video downloading apps. Tubemate allows free downloading of videos from YouTube and other video streaming websites. It has a lot of features that include – downloading videos from Instagram and Facebook, video player and a lot more. Furthermore, it is one of the very few apps that support 4K (Ultra HD) video downloads. There is a huge list of qualities that can be selected with TubeMate. Download TubeMate app online for your Android tablets and smartphones for free.


  • Snaptube – This YouTube downloader doubles up as a movie, cartoon and TV series downloader as well. With Snaptube, you will be able to download HD quality movies, shows and videos for free. You can also stream all those for free with Snaptube. There are a lot of amazing features of Snaptube that can be used any time. Thus, if you want to download YouTube videos for free, use Snaptube today!
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