GB Whatsapp – जीबी व्हाट्सएप Download Latest (Updated)

In the past few decades, the world has grown much in the field of the internet and technology. A lot of people are using this application to make calls, send and receive messages, and share data with their belongings. 

According to statistics by a well-known company, Whatsapp is the biggest messaging platform all over the world. But do you know there is something extra available in a specific version of Whatsapp? GB Whatsapp is an extended version of Whatsapp that allows users to enjoy extra features of this application reliably either on mobile phones to use GB WA on laptop you can use application like bluestacks or you can check gb whatsapp for pc to download and installation process.

In this blog, we will let you know about this messaging application in detail. You will come to know why people are considering this over the official Whatsapp application. Let’s get a dive to explore the information about this application. 

What is Whatsapp GB?

Whatsapp GB is an extended version of the most used messaging application around the world. It has extra features than the original and official application. A lot of users are using this application for different tasks like business or others. 

The developers have just modified the original version of this application and added some new features in this version. You will enjoy its working because it will never restrict in many cases as Whatsapp does. 

Due to its extra privacy features, the application has become an essential part of teenager’s and young people’s lives. It allows the user to customize his application’s setting properly to much extent. 

It means that you won’t get limited features but enjoy many extra functions in this application. Here is a brief answer to the question of why GB Whatsapp can be used over the other?

Why GB Whatsapp?

No doubt, it is not an officially announced version of Whatsapp but people are using it fearlessly. It is a Google application that you have to download like third-party applications. The main reason why it has succeeded to get attention from the audience is an extensive list of features. 

This version of an amazing chatting application has all those features that a normal user can only imagine. It allows the users to come up with and customize all their privacy settings on their own. You can easily change its built-in privacy settings to what you want to get for your account. 

Also, it will enable to change all other sections like themes, languages, working mode, and many others. That is why people prefer to pick this application over the official one to enjoy their working smoothly. 

Features of Whatsapp GB

As we have mentioned earlier that Whatsapp GB has an extensive list of features. We have used this application and researched a lot about user experience regarding this. After that research, we have handpicked those features that have admired the users a lot. 

Here is the list of those features with a brief description that you must know to get an idea about the features of this version of Whatsapp. 

  • Auto Reply

GB Whatsapp is a magical application with an auto-reply feature. It is necessary for a service provider to engage his audience by responding to them properly. Are you having problems with this kind of act for making your business successful?

Don’t worry, Whatsapp in GB version has covered this section for you. You can easily set up auto-response with your desired generic message. The sender will get a message automatically after your selected time if you are unavailable to communicate with them. 

It is a life-saving and profitable feature for all those users who have particular intentions for using this messaging application. 

Unlike the other applications, you can also set up your manually written message to respond to your customer. It means that you can set up multiple responses just according to your business requirements. 

  • Disturbance Free mode

It happens so many times when you are using other applications, Whatsapp keeps showing notifications of messages and calls. It is an irritating process when you are busy with your work or enjoying some movies with your family. 

This kind of notification will make you uncomfortable and might leave you in a stressed condition. You can’t turn on such notifications using the original and standard application. But this version of the application will enable you to do this task without facing any problems. 

You can customize the settings of your application and change it to the mute notification. Just go to settings and open notification sections to enable this feature. 

It will block all notifications for incoming calls, messages, and others. In this way, you can enjoy your time without facing any problems. With this, you will remain relaxed while using any other application. 

  • Restricted calls

The main problem is that many Whatsapp users are facing nowadays are bogus or prank calls. It takes much time of the receiver and also irritates him. A user can’t block a person unless he has attended at least one call from the sender. 

It means that anyone can call you from any number even if he is not found in your contacts. With Whatsapp GB, you can overcome this problem by using the restricted calls option. You can select who can call you or who can’t. 

It will be simple for you to get only those calls that are important. All the other people can be restricted to call you even if they are available on your device. If some strangers will try to call you, they will always found your number busy on another call. 

That is why it has become an important application for people who want to focus on their business only. 

  • Message Filtration

A user having Whatsapp in GB mode can filter out messages easily. He can delete some specific messages from the entire chat or get a backup of only those messages that are important for him. 

In this way, he will be able to save his device’s memory and keep a lot of useful data in it. This feature has made it easy for everyone to keep only those messages or media files that are important for him. 

  • Live Location Sharing

Sometimes, you have to share your business location or your live location with others. In such a case, you might need to get a particular application like Google Maps and share it by following different steps. 

With Whatsapp in the GB version, you won’t have to worry about this process. You only have to turn on your location first let GPS set all your location credentials. Now, you have to go to the Whatsapp application and click on the chat with whom you want to share. 

Here you will find the “Share live location” option, just click on it and the receiver will get your exact location. Then, he can come to you without even getting a diversion for a little bit. 

  • Multiple Media Sharing

Sometimes, a user might have to go and search for other means to share different media like images and videos. The main reason is that you can’t share a prominent number of images using Whatsapp. 

It will restrict you from sending more than 30 images or documents. It means that you have to share any files one by one by keeping them in a set of less than 30. With Whatsapp GB, you can share a prominent number of media files. 

In a single turn with this Whatsapp version, you will be able to share up to 60 images. It has reduced your efforts a lot by giving you access to this feature.

  • Unlimited Themes

Themes are important to get a reliable and comfortable look as a background of your every chat. You might have to download themes from a third-party application or from Google to update in Whatsapp.

But you will find a list of unlimited themes in the Whatsapp GB directory. So, you won’t have to do hard work in the extraction of a reliable collection of such programs. Also, you can replace themes without any problem at any time of your life.

Because all of these are free, so you can try them one by one to get access to a reliable one. Further, this feature has allowed the users to enjoy Whatsapp chat daily in a new way. In addition to this, you can choose or customize the available themes to make them just according to your choice. 

  • Read Deleted Messages

Whatsapp in GB mode is offering a wonderful feature to view and read deleted messages. Sometimes, the sender may delete the confidential or important data that he has shared. In simple mode, you can’t do anything instead of requesting him to share it again.

In Whatsapp GB, you don’t need to worry about this because it will never let a message delete once it is in your chatbot. When the sender will delete a message, it will only be deleted from his side. You can still see that message and get to know what the sender has shared with you.

It is an amazing feature that will enable you to check deleted messages. Along with messages, you can do the same with status or stories that people have shared. You can check all those statuses that even someone has removed or deleted.

You can view every status that has been shared in the past 24 hours. So, you will not leave a single update from your contacts. 

  • Variety of fonts

It is important to keep your audience engaged when you are looking to promote some messages. Without a proper writing style, you can’t do this task proficiently. Whatsapp in this version will enable you to change fonts or writing styles.

There are almost more than 30 font styles available in this Whatsapp from which you can switch anyone according to your choice. It will enable you to write properly and beautifully to make it more attractive. In this way, it is the best way to promote your business and engage people with your products. 

  • Heavy Data Sharing Accessibility

Most people choose Gmail or Google drive to share heavy files of data. No doubt, it is an efficient way to send any kind of data without changing its format. What if you can share a little bit of heavy files with anyone over Whatsapp?

It would be great to do so, right? GB Whatsapp is offering this feature to all of its users. You can share up to 50 MB files with this means of sharing. It means that you won’t have to move towards other data-sharing methods unless you have a really heavy file.

It also enables you to select 100 different document files to send to anyone from your content. With this feature, it has become easy to accomplish this task quickly.

  • Auto Deleting Process

This version of Whatsapp gives you an extra feature with which all your messages will be removed after a specific time. It means that you don’t need to delete every message manually after some time. But all your sent or received messages will automatically be removed.

It is an amazing feature of this application that has made it easy to secure your data precisely.

  • Online Notification

In a simple messaging application, you need to open a specific chat to check its online status. You can’t check either a person is online or not without doing so. Whatsapp GB allows you to check this anytime when you have opened this application.

Yes, you don’t need to open a chat and check its status. But you will keep getting a notification on your screen whenever someone will come online. With this, it has become easy to communicate with someone at a particular time. 

  • Status Duplication

Sometimes, you like the status of your contacts and want to copy them without even knowing them. You might be looking for a third-party downloader that will do this task for you. With GB Whatsapp, you can download status directly without accessing any application.

In this way, you can save multiple statuses with quality outcomes.

  • Other Features

In addition to the above list, this Whatsapp has many other features like single tick enabling, blue tick disability, Typing status check, and many others. You can explore all the features of this application simply by downloading and installing Whatsapp GB on your device. 

How to download GB Whatsapp?

If you want to download Whatsapp in GB mode, you must need some factors in view. First of all, you have to check whether your device has all those requirements that are necessary for its installation. Yes, it requires some capacities in your device to work smoothly.

If you have an old versioned mobile phone, you won’t be able to download it and use all of its available features. So, you must check the requirements section and then download this application.

As we have mentioned earlier, GB Whatsapp is a Google application that is only downloadable directly from the web. So, you should browse the search engine first and search for this application. After few clicks on the available website, you will be able to start downloading this application.

The process of installation requires some specific steps to be followed. Here are those steps that you must follow in this regard.

  • Open the downloaded file of GB Whatsapp
  • Allow access by accessing settings of the device using the warning notifications
  • Allow installation from unknown sources
  • Come back and wait until the installation is finished

With these steps, you can easily download and install this application to start chatting with anyone securely.   

Who can use this Whatsapp?

There is no restriction regarding its usage. Whether you are a student or a professional, you can download Whatsapp GB and start using it. Because of multiple features, it will entertain you as well as enable you to accomplish different tasks.

It is the best application to deal with your professional and personal life communication. You won’t need to worry about why you can’t choose this application. Just download it, install it, and enjoy its amazing features to live your digital life. 


Is Whatsapp GB available on Google Play?

No, it is not available on Google Play or App Store. You have to download this application from Google bowser and install it manually using the above process. 

Can I use this application on my iPhone?

Whatsapp GB is available and workable on both Android and iPhone devices. But you might have to enable some security options in your Apple device. It is because this company has strict policies to get a secure environment for its users. 

Is it legit to use this version instead of the original one?

There are no such allegations on this Whatsapp version by the official owner. So, we can’t say that it is illegal to use GB Whatsapp on your device. You can use it fearlessly unless the official platform will take some action against it. 

Will it be safe to use Whatsapp GB?

Overall, it is safe to use this Whatsapp on your device. According to some rumors, a hacker can easily access your data if you are using this application. There might be some truths behind this statement. So, you have to keep it in mind while using it.

Is Whatsapp GB end-to-end encrypted?

Yes, GB Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted between both the sender and receiver. It means that no one will be able to check what are you sharing with your friends. 

Wrapping Up

GB Whatsapp has maximum features to allow you to use this device properly and smoothly for any task. You only have to use this application for a little time to understand how it works and what actually features it has. After this, you will be able to customize your Whatsapp settings precisely to make them perfect for your use.

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