How ePac Flexibles Can Help Your Company Improve Profit Margins With Flexible Packaging

Customers obviously have much to do with your company’s profit margins. Keeping those you already have while also attracting new ones plays a role in your profits, but the cost to produce what you sell is hard to ignore. Your packaging reflects part of a production cost that also helps build brand loyalty. Consider, for example, how custom printed coffee bags can determine whether a shopper reaches for a particular brand on a retailer’s shelf.

Packaging Design Services

Effective consumer foods packaging design can help your company build and solidify your customer base. When you team up with a packaging provider that also offers design services, you can get the best of both worlds. An experienced provider will recommend packaging materials that can reduce your costs, and the design department will help you develop a packaging concept that draws customers to your product.

Effective package design incorporates more than the printed graphics and text that can catch a shopper’s eye. A cutting-edge flexible packaging provider can provide your company with a range of formats such as stand up pouches, mylar bags and eco-friendly recyclable packages. You can also include features such as moisture-proof barriers and certified child-resistant formats.

One particularly effective packaging concept for a company that wants to attract new customers is the stick pack format. The narrow shape and small size of a stick pack make it ideal for free samples and single-serving tryouts. In addition to their pocket-sized portability and convenience, products appearing in stick packs packaging also do well when prominently displayed at a checkout counter or point of purchase. Stick packs capitalize on shoppers’ tendencies toward on-the-spot impulse buying.

Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions

The ability of flexible packaging to conform to the shape, size and volume of the enclosed contents reflects one of its main advantages. This results in a cost-effective use of the material containing your product. You can also reduce shipping costs and retailers can fit more of your product on a shelf, freezer or display case.

A packaging provider that relies on digital printing can save your company money. In addition to the cost-reducing benefits of digital print runs, which do not require printing-plate setups, you can also have true-to-life high-res photo images of your product faithfully reproduced on your packaging. Photo-quality images can go a long way toward attracting a shopper’s attention when the on-the-shelf contents of a 7 Best PDF to Speech Conversion Tools and food-product package do not resemble its more appetizing dinner-plate appearance.
Digital printing can also reduce the cost of seasonal or promotional packaging changes. A previous design can undergo a quick update in the digital realm with no requirement for plate fees. Scannable QR codes can be easily changed so that purchasers can access new promotional savings on repeat purchases or new product offerings.

Frozen Food Products and Their Special Requirements

If your company produces frozen food products such as pasta dishes, vegetable sides or main course dinner items, you’ll appreciate knowing your offerings will maintain their structural integrity and freshness as long as possible. Returns, spoilage and expiration-based product wastage can take a serious bite out of your profit margin. Partnering with a frozen packaging provider that offers the best possible formats and materials for your product line can prove cost-effective while also helping to build your brand’s reputation.

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