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How to Easily Remove Highlights from PDF

Whether looking for an exam or sharing information with team partners, the highlighter part is an amazing tool for creating text that stands out on your PDFs. Yet, there are moments when you power go overboard with the highlighting. Learn how to draw some of those markups or clear the highlighting so you’ll be gone with a clean, easy-to-read copy. How to Easily Remove Highlights from PDF. Let’s look at how to unhighlight text in PDF files.

How to Easily Remove Highlights from

Specific steps to release highlights from PDFs online

One of the most painless ways to release highlights from your PDF is to use online editor tools, such as those found in Adobe Acrobat online assistance. An area you originally desired to stand out may not be suitable, or the planned text has seen and recorded the data. Now you want the paper to have a homogenous look too. Whatever the reason, Adobe Acrobat online assistance can create the PDF editing function as easily and seamlessly as feasible. Your paper can have highlights destroyed within moments. Just open Acrobat from any web browser and follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Edit PDFs with the words tool in Acrobat online.
  2. Open your file by removing and dipping it in the drop zone or uploading it from your computer.
  3. Single-click on the area of underlined text you wish to withdraw.
  4. A small toolbox will occur with two choices, authorizing you to adjust the color of your highlight or delete the highlight overall.
  5. To draw your highlight, click the garbage icon.
  6. From there, you can save and download your new and gratis highlights records.
Specific steps to release highlights from PDFs

Effortlessly release highlights from PDFs with PDF software

If you collect many PDFs within your workflow, another effortless way to release highlights is to use reliable PDF software like Adobe Acrobat. By seating reliable software, you can get ease and efficiency wherever you go. Although Adobe Acrobat online benefits offer a vast array of devices to edit and change your paper, you can get even better out of the Adobe Acrobat software. Revising and changing carriers has always been difficult. Plus, having the software downloaded to your computer causes it more leisurely to access and get your work done quickly.

Here’s how to utilize it to remove those highlights:

  1. Open the Adobe Acrobat app and upload the file from which you wish to clear highlights.
  2. Click the size of the underlined text you wish to withdraw. This will make a blue outline of the text.
  3. A small toolbox will occur with three heroes. Select the third icon, the litter symbol, to empty the underlined text.
  4. Save and download your new copy free of highlights.

Once you’ve cleared your selected highlights, you can add, revise the text, and share the file with teammates and collaborators.

Effortlessly release highlights from PDFs with PDF

How to adjust the color of highlights in a PDF

Altering highlight shade is easy with the use of the Acrobat online device kit:

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat online.
  2. Click and pull your cursor to select the text size you wish to highlight.
  3. There will live a small toolbox outside your text. Select the highlighter hero, and it will automatically highlight the desired text.
  4. To alter the color of highlights, click the underlined area, and a new toolbox will occur. From here, you can change the highlight color, release the highlight, add a message, and create other adjustments as required.

Along with stressing, you can strike through, highlight, edit, and better. Explore what better you can do with Acrobat to make working with PDF files quick and easy.

How to adjust the color of highlights in a


Removing highlights from PDF documents is a simple process that enhances the usability and presentation of your files. Whether you choose to use Adobe Acrobat, online PDF editors, or third-party software tools, the key is to preserve the document’s integrity while eliminating unnecessary annotations. By following the steps outlined in this guide and adhering to best practices, you can confidently manage highlighted PDFs and present your content in a polished manner.

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