Is Popheadphone com legit – Complete Guided Reviews In 2024

Popheadphone, the most delinquent trap outlet, is committed to delivering top-notch assistance in the United States. You may already be acquainted with the offerings if you keep restricted from the site.

However, if you haven’t seen the place, be sure to study this Popheadphone Review. This blog will supply impartial knowledge and legality reviews. Let’s get started.

is popheadphone com legit

Popheadphone Website Intro

The outlet’s title might give you an opinion regarding the offerings. Popheadphone, for example, uses Apple’s trademark name and sells Airpods as nicely as Bluetooth Wireless Earphones and Wireless Headphones.

The area impressed Apple, but other labels, such as Moments, are also known. Although the site is very well developed, there are only a few development clusters. The Apple Airpods type only has four effects.

So, Is Popheadphone Legit? It is a primary consideration for users. The in-depth analysis told that each item was nicely described and illustrated. Let’s find out more about the item and verify its genuineness.

What is

It is an online shopping shop that is misapplying the trademark name of Apple by supplying the Apple brand stamp as its website name and logo as nicely as by declaring to market the Apple effects without having a connection with Apple or without being an authorized seller for Apple developments.

It sells outcomes like Airpods, Beatsx, Dr. Dre Studio3, PowerBeats3, Solo3, Studio Buds, etc., of the same brand. Nevertheless, there exist so numerous items you must know about this online store before choosing it as your shopping destination.

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What is

Designation for Popheadphone Website:

  • Email ID: The contactable email speech is [email protected].
  • Authorized URL:
  • Lesson Details: 130, Anita-Drive Pittsfield, Pittsfield, MA-01201, United States.
  • Phone: 4016442516
  • Shipping prices: They run. The significance of the article will influence how much you pay. The standard delivery fee for the USA is $10, which is $40.
  • Delivery Duration: It carries anywhere from 1 to 5 weeks in the USA. It brings anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks for other nations.
  • Fitting Sizes: All Over the World
  • Revocation of orders: Within one day.
  • Study: Popheadphone Reviews are unrestricted on the outlet
  • You can return it, but there are some situations
  • Rescues Availability: Available in 2 weeks.
  • Newsletter: Not known.
  • Refund method: It brings around five days for a reimbursement to be processed after a return or revocation
  • Pay System: PayPal, MasterCard/Stripe, Visa, Cash on Delivery.

Pros of

  • Complimentary worldwide shipping for over $40
  • Creations public at affordable costs


  • Unpopular, not responsible
  • No client reviews
  • Includes plagiarized scope

Is Popheadphone reliable?

The following issues will help you to comprehend the facts.

  • Popheadphone Reviews are not open on the website.
  • The site is not related to any gathering platform.
  • It has low trust ratings. It has a confidence rating of only 2 percent
  • It’s a small new as it was created this month (10/08/2021).
  • Values appear fantastic.
  • It utilizes the Apple brand name but is not associated with Apple Inc.
  • Standard and exact content rates are 20% and 25%, respectively.
  • Analysis information doesn’t contain raw whois data, so the registered domain name is unknown.
  • is the landlord.
  • The outlet has connection details.
  • A study report found that the site is doubtful. For more information, please read the following section.

User’s Popheadphone Thoughts:

It lived located on the Popheadphone website just during the inspection check. Nearly all of the things have numerous statements. Guess what? They are all somewhat unique.

The bulk of the reviews obtained was positively buoyant, with five stars. They have said their happiness. But is this right? Indeed, the area accomplishes not include words on feedback outlets or weblogs. Therefore, it cannot be reached.

Your strength also is that the words are often tedious and not correct if you look closely. You can still discover it if you want, but don’t be surprised if you do. Occasionally reviews are fake or paid. So, Is Popheadphone Legit? It also accomplishes a neighborhood track profile. Please visit the portal to learn more.

User’s Popheadphone Thoughts:

Final Verdict:

Due to the facts above, we have concluded that PopHeadPhone is a scam website.

If you like to say something about this business, then please feel free to put your comment below. Also, feel complimentary to share this study with your friends and relatives through your social media reports to make them conscious of this online store.

These days, numerous new online accounts claim to sell various items at a considerable discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at negligibly do some research before you buy something from the latest online shops because most of these new online stores don’t have purchased items for their consumers or have entirely different or very low-quality things.

Some online scam funds have even randomly charged clients’ credit card digits without their permission. So, if you have ever bought incorrectly from fraud sites, we recommend you immediately reach your pot or credit card organization to secure your recognition card information.

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