Lycamobile Data Bundles Plan Pay As You Go

The Lycamobile brand idea was propelled in 2005 with the first trading that is utilizing the brand taking place in 2006. Its business structure is arranged to have local national private companies branded under licence as “Lycamobile” and operating exclusively in the particular country as either a MVNO provider or as the principal wholesaler of Lycamobile-branded products.

Lycamobile Data Bundles Plan Pay As You Go 2018 Updated

Data 5:

Price Data Subscription
£5/30 days  

500 MB


Dial: *139*5001# 
Text: 5001 to 3535

This Data 5 SIM gives the users of Lycamobile favourites offer of 500 MB within £5 monthly. Additionally, the SIM deal is affordable for Lycamobile than other companies SIM. Therefore, do not miss the chance of buying this SIM.You can also get this bundle by scanning QR Code available on their platform.

Data 7.5:

Price Data Subscription
£7.5/30 days  



Dial: *139*7001# 
Text: 7001 to 3535

Data 7.5 SIM is a very convincing offer that includes features of 1 GB data that can help you in contacting others that you love the most. Also, this SIM proposes you with the cheapest and affordable charge of £7.5 per month.

Data 10:

Price Data Subscription
£10/30 days  



Dial: *139*1001# 
Text: 1001 to 3535

This Lycamobile SIM provides with varies types of benefits that contains no extra coast and are very suitable for the users. For instant, Data 10 proposes data of 2GB with no more than the tax of £10 monthly, which will allow you to easily text, call and so on with the limited rate charge.

Data 12:

Price Data Subscription
£12.5/30 days  



Dial: *139*1201# 
Text: 1201 to 3535

This SIM proposes and excellent and reliable offer for its clients as in this Data12 you will experience that it contains cheap monthly tariff that is more advantageous than the normal SIM deal. Although, it have a charge of £12.5 per month within that it provides data of 3GB.

Data Bolt On XS:

Price Data Subscription
£3/30 days  

200 MB


Dial: *139*601# 
Text: 601 to 3535

You will get access to high-speed data, data sharing and will be able to use your SIM abroad at no extra cost. As this Data Bolt on XS provides a brilliant offer of 200MB data within the coast of only £3 monthly

Data Bolt on S:

Price Data Subscription
£5/30 days  

500 MB


Dial: *139*602# 
Text: 602 to 3535

The offer is implied to the users that are very exploring infact it is for everyone who love experiencing new things that are beneficial to them. Additionally, the SIM arrangement will be competitive to Lycamobile over different organizations SIM. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity from claiming purchasing this SIM. Within the least coast of £5 you can obtain 500MB monthly.

Data Bolt On M:

Price Data Subscription
£7.5/30 days  



Dial: *139*603# 
Text: 603 to 3535

Data Bolt on M SIM may be a persuading offer that incorporates features of 1 GB information that might help you in contacting others that you love the most as well as your clients. Also, this SIM proposes you for the least expensive also competitive deal for £7. 5 per month. So do not compromise this offer and be the first one exploring the SIM.

Data Bolt On L:

Price Data Subscription
£12/30 days  



Dial: *139*604# 
Text: 604 to 3535

Consider to be luck as your SIM deal can be used in any phone that is not locked to a particular network, therefore you get the flexibility to switch to any network as many times as you want. In which, Data Bolt on L permits you to have access to 3GB data within £12 monthly.

Data Bolt on XL:

Price Data Subscription
£20/30 days  



Dial: *139*605# 
Text: 605 to 3535

As you know that we live in an age where we are spoilt for choice! So, when it comes to choosing between the best bundles available on the market, you don’t want to compromise. Therefore, data Bolt on XL proposes an offer of 5GB within the charge of £20 for 30 days.

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