Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart

Vacationing is the best reward of all. If you love going on vacation and living it up, you might want to check out what the Marriott Vacation Club has to offer. This alliance of resorts belongs to one of the biggest hotel chains in the world.

marriott vacation club points chart

One of the perks of belonging to the Marriott Vacation Club is you can accumulate points that you can use to stay at any of their resorts worldwide. For those interested in the Marriott vacation club points chart, keep reading to learn more about what this alliance has to offer and how you can benefit from it.

Introduction to Marriott Vacation Club Point

The Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is an important tool for figuring out how to use and understand the points system. The chart lists all of the Marriott Vacation Club’s dozens of resorts and hotels and shows which ones are part of the points plan.

As part of the points plan, members get points they can use at any of these locations. The number of points needed depends on the resort and the time of year. The points can also be used to purchase additional amenities such as:

  • hotel services
  • dining
  • shopping
  • spa

With the Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart, members can easily learn the points redemption process. Also, it can help them plan their dream vacation today. If you have a Disney Vacation Club membership and want to switch to Marriott Vacation Club by selling points, learn how to sell DVC points by consulting with vacation club professionals.

Understanding the Points Chart

The Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is a useful tool for figuring out what you can do with your Marriott Vacation Club membership. When looking at the Points Chart, it’s important to know that points are based on the length of stay and the Marriott Vacation Club location you choose. Also, Marriott Vacation Club resorts are categorized into different seasons:

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Platinum Season

Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart Platinum Season is one of the top tiers of Marriott Vacation Club points. It gives members access to the highest levels of luxury. For just 28,000 points, they can enjoy a luxurious 7-night stay in any of the Marriott Vacation Club resorts around the globe. With this points chart, members can use their points to do things like golf, spa treatments, and nice dining in over 500 different places. Furthermore, members can upgrade to Platinum Plus or Diamond status earning extra points for stays in exotic places.

Chart of Points for the Marriott Vacation Club Platinum Season gives members a lot of freedom. This is so they can stay in different places while they explore their favorite travel location. With such a wide variety of perks, it’s no wonder why Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart Platinum Season is a popular choice for travelers.

Gold Season

Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart offers a unique way to enjoy vacations. With the Marriott Vacations Club Points Chart, people can plan to get the most out of their vacations based on the Gold Season.
During the Gold Season period, guests can redeem points for their stays at Marriott Vacation Club Resorts at a discounted rate. Furthermore, this chart also offers a flexible way to redeem points for experiences or extra room nights.

For example, for an extra room night at a preferred resort, guests can redeem points. Also, you can use your points to get special deals, such as savings on shopping, dining, and entertainment. Ultimately, the Points Chart is an excellent way to get the most out of any vacation experience with Marriott Vacation Club.

Silver Season

The Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is an important aspect of the Silver Season. Members of the Vacation Club can use the points chart to figure out how much their stay will cost and make the right plans when they book. In Silver Season, each villa category comes with an allocated number of Vacation Club points.

Members can also buy more points to cover extra costs, like those for extra guests, extra amenities, or upgrades. It is important to know that some of the options for vacation ownership also come with discounts that members can use. The points chart offers an easy way to manage costs and select a package that’s right for the needs of the traveler.

Bronze Season

The Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is an easy way to earn bonus points when booking a stay. Points earned during Bronze Season can be used to redeem discounts on Marriott room rates and also on Marriott Vacations, such as:

  • cruises
  • timeshares
  • other vacation packages

Bronze Season is the best option for those just starting out or those who don’t travel often. It also offers extra discounts on airline miles, car rentals, and other travel-related extras. Points earned during Bronze Season can be transferred between Marriott Vacation Club accounts and used as a form of currency. This makes booking your next vacation at Marriott that much easier.

Maximizing Your Vacation With the Points Chart

The Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is a very useful tool that helps people get the most out of their vacations. With the points chart, guests can stay at any Marriott Vacation Club resort or affiliated properties. Also, they can use their points to pay for accommodations or earn extra amenities.

The chart provides details on the number of points required to book a hotel room and calculate the cost of a stay at an affiliated property. Also, even ascertain how many points are required for a certain activity. With the help of the Points Chart, guests can plan their stays carefully, figuring out how to use their points to get the best overall deal. The Points Chart also gives vacationers a chance to extend their trip and gives them the freedom to stay at more than one resort during their trip

Explore the Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart

The Marriott vacation club points chart provides members with a comprehensive view of its offerings. With a variety of accommodations in popular destinations, you can plan your dream vacation with ease.
Visit the Marriott website to learn more about how to become a member. Don’t wait; start planning your getaway today!
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