Netflix MOD APK V 10.3.4 [Premium IOS & Android] Download 2021

Watching movies is the best activity while we are feeling bored and have free time. Do you want to watch quality content on your device such as loklok ? Netflix mod apk will be the best choice for us when we are looking for any kind of movie and show. 

It is an American movie streaming platform that has a wide collection related to different categories like action, comedies, cartoon stories, fiction movies, and others. The main problem is that it does not give permission to use its services for free even for a single day. 

There are many users who want to get Netflix for free of cost. For all of them, here is the solution in the form of a free Netflix apk.

What you will get in Netflix mod APK?

Many people around the world claim that Netflix mod apk does not have the same features as the premium version has. That is why we have used this app and found the following features in this apk version for free. You can easily read about them and get an idea of what this premium unlocked setup has to offer.

Unlimited movies

Many of us know about Youtube and browse it daily to get some movies to watch online. Have you ever seen a lot of movies that are unavailable there? The issue is producers do not allow their movies to stream on this platform to be accessed by everyone for free. They might take copyright strikes and the channel owner will lose his asset. 

In turn, you might be unable to watch your desired movies via this platform. Netflix pro apk has a wide range of movies divided into different collections as per content nature. You will find almost all Bollywood, Hollywood, and all other movies on this platform. 

If you know the exact name of the movie or program, you can search for it. It means that you can watch movies just according to your taste and mood.

Netflix mod apk

Netflix original content

Netflix does not provide only movies from the other producers and directors. But it has its own production company where they direct Netflix originals movies. These movies are only accessible for paid subscribers of this company. 

It means that you will not get Netflix originals movies outside this platform like YouTube. Do not worry if you are thinking about high price subscription to this video streaming platform. Netflix mod is a fully unlocked application that will enable you to access the original content and all other movies from this platform freely.

Netflix original content

Personalized suggestions

We all know that Video streaming platforms like Youtube and audio streaming platform like Spotify detects our searches to show suggestions. Almost every platform has a similar algorithm to work and do all such tasks. 

Similarly, Netflix mod apk will interpret your search intents and give you suggestions according to them. It means that if you are watching action movies, you will get suggestions for new and trending action movies on your screen. 

Along with this, you will also get all those programs that you have left unfinished on the top of suggestions. In turn, you won’t have to search for the same content again and again if you have left it in between. 

Personalized suggestions

Free to watch anything

Netflix is a paid platform where no one will be able to enter without paying to this platform. You should need to buy a Netflix subscription to access all movies. We are here with all premium features for free in this free Netflix apk to make it accessible for everyone. 

You can now come to this platform and start watching any movie and program just according to your desires. It will not ask you to pay for any subscription because we have bypassed the system and make it possible for all of our downloads to enter into this platform freely.


Many people think that this movie streaming platform is only popular in American countries and few others. But it is not right as Netflix has been watching all over the world by people having different languages.

It is not an easy task for everyone to understand the language of every movie that is other than their native language. For example, if you are living in the UK, it might be possible that you will not be able to understand Spanish programs and movies. Therefore, Netflix apk mod has adopted a specific way to solve this problem.

You will get most of its programs dubbed in multiple languages that is amazing to watch movies based on any regional language. Sometimes, it has movies other than Netflix originals that can’t be dubbed in other languages. For such movies, it has a subtitles feature that will be shown under every scene of the movie.

Therefore, you will be able to understand every movie and its concept even if you have no proficiency in the language.

Download and Install Netflix mod APK:

If you are looking to download Netflix apk, you should not analyze your device properties as it does not demand some specific requirements. But if your device has the latest android version, it would be better than all.

  • Here is a download link that will enable you to take the first step in this process.
  • Due to a little heavy size, it will take some time to get the download on your phone.
  • Meanwhile, you also open the device settings and go to the apps & programs section.
  • When you have found this section, you should turn on the button to give permissions for installation.
  • Now, you can open the file and start the installation process fearlessly
  • You should keep in mind that you are going to use an unregistered account of Netflix that means your account should not be logged into this.
  • We have used a specific process to unlock all the premium features of Netflix to make it accessible for free.


If you are looking to get Netflix from the official platform for free, it is impossible to do. From the above link, you can download and install Netflix for free forever to watch as many movies as you want.

In simple words, it is illegal to use any apk mod of a premium application. But we have made all the applications apk legally to make them accessible for everyone. Therefore, you can get them on your device without getting fear regarding legal and ethical issues.

Final Wrap:

Netflix mod APK will be the best choice for you if you love to get access to original and premium content. This app can be accessed with all unlocked features only if you have downloaded and installed it by following the above step.

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