Porta Potties vs Portable Bathroom Trailer Rentals: Which Should You Choose?

Looking to add a portable restroom to your event? Thinking of just buying a porta-potty or a portable bathroom trailer and calling it a day? You might be able to get away with that, but you’re missing out! There’s a lot more you can do for your event when you customize your porta potties or portable bathroom trailer. Read on to learn about the differences between porta potties vs portable bathroom trailer rentals and which ones are right for you.

portable bathroom trailer rentals

What Are Porta Potties?

They are also referred to as porta-johns, porta-loos, or outhouses. They are available at outdoor events and construction sites. They are typically units that require no plumbing and are designed to be self-contained. The walls of the Porta potties are made out of the following:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • fiberglass

They contain a toilet pedestal and a holding tank for waste. In most cases, the holding tank has an interior lining to contain liquid, and there are openings or vents for air circulation.

What Are Portable Toilets?

Portable bathroom trailers rental are a great option for events and construction sites where toilets are needed but there is no access to a plumbing system. Portable toilets are equipped with all of the necessary amenities:

  • a sink
  • a toilet
  • a mirror
  • a sanitary bin

These portable toilets are contained in a trailer that can be pulled with a vehicle and easily disposed of afterward. Portable toilets are convenient and sanitary, as they can be serviced regularly by portable restroom companies.

Their Difference in Price

When it comes to price, there is a distinct difference between porta potties and portable bathroom trailer rentals. Porta potties are generally more affordable, with models ranging from $200 to $2,000 per unit.
On the other hand, renting a restroom trailer typically costs much more, with rates of up to $6,000 per unit. Thus, if you are looking for a solution to provide useable restroom space for a large group that functions on a tight budget, porta potties are the way to go.

However, for a higher-end, luxurious restroom experience, then portable bathroom trailer rentals are the way to go. If you want to learn more about restroom trailers for rent, then check out this article on restroom trailer rental.

Their Difference in Use

Porta potties and portable bathroom trailer rentals are two different options when it comes to having a restroom solution at an event or gathering. Porta potties are lightweight, affordable, and easy to transport.

They come in various sizes and can be used in a variety of locations. These trailers are much larger than porta potties, so they can provide more space and offer a higher quality restroom experience.
They come with separate stalls, running water, and a variety of amenities like air conditioning, music, and more.

A Contrast Between Porta Potties and Portable Bathroom Trailer Rentals

Porta potties and portable bathroom trailer rentals have their advantages and disadvantages, but it all comes down to your specific event needs. Porta potties are cost-effective and easy to transport, while portable bathroom trailers can accommodate more guests and offer more customization options.
To find the best solution for you, contact a rental service in your area today.
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