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Samsung Galaxy S9 APN Settings -Step by Step instructions

Configuring APN or Data Settings o the Galaxy S9.  Samsung have decide to reveal the original new version of the Galaxy S series, and now the top of the line Galaxy S9 phone has been likely to arrive by the end of February. If you are willing to get the phone, you need to accurately arrange the data and MMS Settings on it.

For this reason, we have readied a couple fast and simple steps for you to bounce well under the right settings and start enjoying that secondary velocity web for your telephone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 APN Settings -Step by Step instructions

That can be straightforwardly done through the following steps:

  1. Be sure that Data option is On and Turn Off Wifi
  2. Go to the Main Menuand tab on Settings – or slide down the notification bar and Tab on the Gear Like icon (Settings)
  3. Tab on Mobile Network
  4. Now go to Access Point Names
  5. On the menu Key,  select Create NEW APN– (delete any current APN Setting)
  6. Insert in the accurate APN Information that is given by your network operator
  7. Now  SAVE the settings
  8. Select the New Profileyou just created
  9. Exit, and now you should see a small 4G, 3G, H, H+ letter next to the signal bar
  10. Try browsing the internet
  11. If the whole thing went good.  Then you should all of the time send and receive picture messages

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