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Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

A Stay At Home Mother is a mother who cares for her children at home rather than working outside or positioning the child in daycare. Typical work actions documented on a Stay At Home Mother Resume possess the following, nursing and feeding infants, preparing and serving meals, doing household chores, altering diapers, paying bills, doing errands, picking and dropping children to and from school, helping kids in doing their homework, buying household items and other domestic products, buying groceries and listening parent-teacher meetings at schools. Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume.

Why would a stay-at-home parent need a resume?

Stay-at-home parents can have many reasons for selecting to schedule a resume and start looking for a job. Many parents go back to work once their children reach school age because the school day gives them the extra time they need to commit to their careers. Some stay-at-home parents start working part-time to bring in more revenue or gain their ideal balance between their personal and professional goals. Other stay-at-home parents may decide to go back to work so their associate can become the primary caregiver for their children.

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

However, of the reason for seeking work, having an outline ready can speed up the job search function and simplify this lifestyle change. Like anyone circulating for a job, stay-at-home parents must have a resume to show their credentials to imaginable employers and network with other professionals. Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume.

To hire your first employee, determine the job role, create a job description, post the job online, review applications, conduct interviews, check references, and complete the hiring process, including onboarding.

Should you mention being a stay-at-home parent on your resume?

Whether or not you desire to declare your status as a parent is entirely up to you and your experience. You note that raising your children full-time can have advantages and disadvantages depending on your experienced expertise and desired field. For example, If you created a family at a young age and don’t have any professional background, listing your experience as a stay-at-home parent can be a great way to define how you formulated skills and spent your time above the workforce.

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

If you had a career before holding kids and chose to take on infrequent freelance work, it could make more sense to omit that you were also raising a family during this time.The types of jobs you’re assuming can also help you select if you want to include details about being a stay-at-home parent. Jobs related to childcare and pedagogy have multiple responsibilities related to parenting, making your stay-at-home parent status especially practical.

What to include on your resume as a stay-at-home parent

Although a stay-at-home parent’s resume might have different content than the resume of someone who has been actively employed, they contain the same basic elements. When preparing your resume as a stay-at-home parent, include this information:

  • Contact details
  • Job experience
  • Volunteer positions
  • Clubs and groups
  • Education
  • Certifications

How to describe transferrable skills from being a stay-at-home parent on your resume?

Being a stay-at-home parent can help you develop a range of skills that transfer to other work environments. If you’ve decided to discuss being a stay-at-home parent on your resume, there are several strategies you can use to showcase your transferrable parenting skills in a professional manner.

Discuss hobbies and projects

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

To enrich your resume, include skills and duties related to your hobbies and personal projects. If you have a small business selling crafts, you can use this to leverage your business experience. Starting a home garden in your backyard demonstrates commitment, patience, planning and technical skills related to landscaping and agriculture. You should include all of your major accomplishments during your time as a stay-at-home parent, whether they’re directly connected to parenting or focus more on your personal interests.

Utilize your resume summary

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

At the top of your resume underneath your resume header, create a section for your professional summary or resume objective. A resume summary is a brief description of your work history and qualifications and is ideal for stay-at-home parents who have previous career experience. A resume objective is a short statement explaining why you’re the ideal candidate for a job, making it perfect for people who don’t have a strong professional background. 

Treat parenting as a job

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

Employers are often wary of large gaps in your resume, so you can explain your time off from work by treating your time as a stay-at-home parent as a job itself. Using the same format as your professional experience, create a section of your resume that describes your main duties and accomplishments as a parent. Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume. In place of a job title, use one of these phrases:

  • Family leave
  • Primary caretaker for three kids
  • Career hiatus to raise children

Create a list of your responsibilities as a parent

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

To identify your transferrable skills, start by making a comprehensive list of all of your responsibilities as a parent. Listing your duties can provide you with a bank of ideas that apply to various situations. You’ll use this list as an outline for discussing your transferrable skills.

  • Coordinating PTA meetings
  • Managing household budget
  • Scheduling school and activities

Study job postings for key responsibilities

Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume

Research job descriptions and advertisements for your desired positions to determine what responsibilities and skills employers are looking for. Based on what an employer features in their job posting, you can adjust the experience section of your resume to highlight the most relevant information. Stay at home Mom Job description for Resume. Parents are responsible for an endless list of tasks when raising a child, so looking at job postings can help you narrow down which experiences and abilities are applicable to each job.

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