Syltia Clothing Reviews In 2022 – Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

In this blog, we live running to tell you about Syltia, so read this blog carefully to obtain the entire report.
Haven’t you gotten bored of your old-style awnings? Are you even examining for new stylish dresses? If yes, then Stylia is everything that satisfies your style essentials. Stylia is a unique online shop based in the United States that deals in various top and bottom models for ladies.

They have a vast display of shelters with camo and tank lids, dresses, and two-piece sets from which you can select easily. But before shopping from this site, let’s examine more additional about Stylia so that you can know if it is worth buying from this site or not.

syltia clothing

Around Syltia

Stylia is a United States-based website that values stylish dresses for ladies. You can find a type of attire here, including:

  • Quick sleeve midi dress
  • V-neck sleeveless shelter
  • Vintage V-neck canopy
  • Deep plunge published an awning
  • Casual long-sleeve shirt
  • Sweaters both published and incorporated
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Jumpsuits and two-piece sets

However, new websites should not be trusted quickly as they could be scams, so let’s dive more into the essential details of the site.

Features of Syltia

The following are the main attributes of the Syltia site as delivered below:

  • The official URL for calling this lady’s dress site is
  • This website allows you to buy designer tops, dresses, and sweaters
  • The email address supplied for reference is [email protected].
  • The lesson or recognition card unit provided on the site is XBP International Ltd, 145-147, St. John Street, London, England.
  • They do not mention any contact facts on the Syltia website.
  • They have delivered their Instagram link on the website
  • They supply free shipping for over $79 and usually ship through UPS, FED-EX, etc.
  • They provide a full refund on revocation before 24 hours, but 10% of fees are charged after that
  • They deliver a 30 days return policy, and return is accepted only in 7 days for defective products.

Favorable Aspects of Syltia

  • Syltia has an extensive array of fashion effects to select from.
  • They have delivered good solitude, shipping, and return policy noted on the website
  • You can follow your order and clear your questions through the FAQ page.
  • There are studies from customers about Syltia available on other websites as well.

Negative Aspects of Syltia

  • The website has a trusted course of only one percent and minimal gridlock, causing it to be suspicious
  • They have transferred the honor card business’s speech, which suggests they do not possess their seat.
  • There are combined thoughts about Syltia public on other platforms
  • The range on the website is not perfectly laid out, and the social media holds are also new with low concentration.

Is Syltia legit or not?

Stylia’s website stood written on 16th March 2021, which suggests it is a unique website that is not entirely reliable. Many factors cause the site to be suspected. For example, all the links and controls on the homepage are not functioning correctly. The Syltia website has only accumulated a confidence level of one percent, which is incorrect. Moreover, the website has earned varied thoughts from consumers on other media. It is said that the website has taken into consideration of solitude and safety, and the data is not shared with any third-party website. On the other hand, the website is not very popular and has social media handles, but it is not engaged with so many followers.

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Is Syltia legit or not?

Wrapping Up

Stylia is a newly designed website that you can visit if you are looking for stylish garments. Nevertheless, we will advise you to believe all the points noted above to decide whether you should charge this site or not. It would help if you did a good study on the effects before buying them from the Stylia website.

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