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Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co. Ltd is a Chinese firm established in 2013, and they specialize in producing electric unicycles, electric scooters, and hoverboards. Among the hoverboard series, the Tomoloo K1 X-Men hoverboard offers one of their primary hoverboards – to see other Tomoloo hoverboards click here. Tomoloo K1 X-Men is a new age of hoverboards with an exciting, aggressive design and sturdy finish.

It’s UL2272 certified, as well as their other hoverboards. What is so compelling about this hoverboard? First, it is produced in several primary colors like white, black, silver, gold, blue, green, red, etc. Furthermore, it comes with omnidirectional LED headlights with RGB LED design, allowing the rider to change the color of LED lights via the personal Tomoloo App. Such lights enable better night visibility, allowing the rider to adjust the lights to his personality.

Tomoloo K1 Hoverboard Review

Significant Features of Tomoloo K1 X-MEN Hoverboard

Besides omnidirectional flexible RGB LED headlights and the unique Tomoloo App, this hoverboard has some more attractive characteristics. One feature is a watertight cap for an energy jack holding it secure from water during the passage. It is terrific and valuable because it guarantees that your management group is still dry and secure.

Also, Tomoloo K1 X-MEN uses Samsung Battery Core guns which are UL2271 certified and put inside fire retardant shells, providing extra protection for the rider. Smart Battery Management System is in its most colorful edition with recent overheating, short circuit, soak, and extreme blast protection. Not just that the mortar shell is fire retardant, but the entire outer surface of the Tomoloo K1 hoverboard is constructed of fire retardant fabrics providing the extra advantage in safety issues.

Through Tomoloo App, you can connect your smartphone to the hoverboard and obtain some vital information like storm level, speed, adjust the riding mode, steering sensitivity, top speed limit, RGB LED headlights, play music through built-in Bluetooth speakers, etc. Pure fun is ahead of you. Below you can find the list of main features of Tomoloo K1.

1. Design and Portability

First off, TOMOLOO boards are fine grade. TOMOLOO has lived in need long sufficiently to know what functions and what accomplishes work.

The panels are heavy-duty but relatively lightweightActual fire can’t restrict them, as they are immune to fire and high temperature – not that we wish you to be swinging via fire…
On top of this, TOMOLOO hoverboards look stylish, and the music-rhythmed sunshine on these bars adds some originality. They’re also available in various shades to add some personalization.

The panels weigh a hefty 8 kg (17.6 lb), so they’re not light. But they’re painless for an adult.

2. Speed, Space, and Battery

The tires also play a significant role in the councils’ rate. The three hoverboards have 16.5 cm (6.5″) non-pneumatic reliable tires. What accomplishes this point? That the representatives have good tires, delivering rest as well as hold. This leads to a soft ride. And the smoother the ride, the further you can go.

So how far can you go?
You are relying on the scooter between 7 km (4.3 miles) and 14 km (8.7 miles) per battery expense. That is about 1 hour of continuous use – not bad for a kids’ scooter.
The battery fully charges in around 3 hours to get back out and swing again – ideal for most hoverboards.

3. The Brake System

The brakes perform well (Phew!). It’s something TOMOLOO knew they had to get right, particularly when creating hoverboards for kids.
The stopping power relies on the tip of the panel. Kids will be able to reach an abrupt stop if required.
TOMOLOO uses its own patented technology in its hoverboards to make them comfortable to ride and safe. Their custom self-balancing technology makes balancing on the boards easy (even for beginners), making braking simple too.

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Significant Features of Tomoloo K1 X-MEN Hoverboard

Health Benefits of Riding a Hoverboard

Although some individuals have doubts about hanging a hoverboard (many of which are myths), you understand me, and I keep always stating my fair idea about these scooters. So, here are the real-life fitness uses that I encountered after riding this hoverboard for some time:

1. Improved my reflex power and credit:

The power to suspend yourself correctly on a hoverboard is a craft that can be learned efficiently with practice. To keep your balance while hanging this board, keep moving forward and back as you ride along the route.
Although I have tested and tried many of these panels before, this is one of the typical health help I found standard.
Caution: Turn in or out only a little while on the hoverboard to avoid mishaps.

2. Straightened my spine:

It will help if you keep your spine straight while hanging a hoverboard. It is the gift that the hoverboards have compared to riding a bike, where you ought to squat.
While you are good, your core muscles are employed, which enhances your overall stance and helps burn some fat. If you want a full-body workout without touching the pain of fatigue, then riding hoverboards is your answer!

Caution: Please don’t treat this as a replacement for gym workouts!

Health Benefits of Riding a Hoverboard

Our Verdict

The TOMOLOO design, build rate, and exceptional rate and content, show that TOMOLOO is assembling rate self-balancing scooters for kids. Counting on your weight, even grown-ups can try these three hoverboards out.
With modern techniques and high-grade electronics, the commissions are unique. The TOMOLOO-made motherboard, acceleration detectors, and gyroscope help hold the panels safe and sound at all times.
Also, as TOMOLOO offers a 1-year warranty with every self-balancing scooter, it’s clear that the company believes in its product.

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