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Best Top Highest Commission Based Sales Jobs In 2023

Best Highest Commission Sales Jobs

Sales jobs offer employees the opportunity to earn a salary and additional compensation in the form of commission. This can be a rewarding career for people who enjoy a position that rewards their ability to make sales. Some sales positions tend to offer higher commissions. This article discusses some of the top sales jobs with high commissions.

Sales jobs with high commission

These are a few of the top sales jobs with the high commission:

Digital Sales

Digital sales

National average salary: $53,545 + $20,000 commission per year

Digital sales representatives sell digital services to business owners, including buying and placing ads, developing digital strategies, creating digital graphics, and setting up analytic tracking. Digital sales representatives will also evaluate the current campaigns, identifying products and tools to improve them. They may also provide education and training on current digital products, helping business owners use them to solve everyday problems.

Insurance sales Representative

Insurance sales representative

National average salary: $58,144 per year

Insurance sales representatives are responsible for selling insurance to home and vehicle owners. They review insurance needs and recommend coverages based on the person’s assets and overall budget. They may also sell life, boat, or RV insurance policies. Insurance sales representatives may also work with their existing customers on adjusting their insurance needs to life changes, such as buying a home or starting a family.

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Wholesales Representatives

Wholesales representatives

National average salary: $67,414 + $20,000 commission per year

Wholesales representatives attend trade shows or follow leads from existing customers. They identify the needs of the business and then recommend wholesale products to them. Wholesale representatives are also responsible for creating and reviewing sales contracts and negotiating new deals. They may work within manufacturing industries in many different wholesale sectors, including retail, office, food, and beverage.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales

National average salary: $68,401 + $20,000 commission per year

Pharmaceutical sales representatives meet with doctors and other medical professionals to sell pharmaceuticals. They introduce new medications and products to medical teams, educating them on their uses and benefits so that they will prescribe these products to their patients. Pharmaceutical sales representatives must also keep up-to-date on the latest medical developments and prescriptions that are available in the market.

Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant

National average salary: $68,828 + $24,000 commission per year

Sales consultants are responsible for finding and meeting potential clients. Sales consultants often spend a lot of time in the field, meeting with business owners or management to show products while also understanding their needs. They often work in territories, managing the needs of all clients within that area. Because they often work with repeat customers, they are also responsible for maintaining relationships.

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