Navigating Job Boards and Online Platforms: Where to Find Legitimate Remote Opportunities

What once seemed scary and impossible to persist in for
long, remote work has become familiar and quite efficient
for employees and employers. It saves us a decent amount
of time, lowers companies’ expenditures, and proves to be
as effective as standard office time. The key to finding
legitimate remote opportunities is to learn how to navigate
job boards and online platforms.

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Let’s find out!
Know where to look
The key to being successful in finding your perfect job is to know where to look. The great number of job boards
present thousands of job offers every day, and thanks to the filters available it may be much easier to see only
the offers that may meet your requirements. 
There are great resources like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, and together with job boards and platforms
focusing exclusively on remote positions, such as FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, or RecruitGo, they make the
choice wide and challenging at the same time. 
Some platforms, for example,, state a great opportunity for employers to find their
perfect job candidates, and get comprehensive support in the recruitment process, ensuring the employees’
great benefits and insurance.
Network and join remote work communities
Networking should not be underestimated in the context of job search, as it seems to be equally important for
remote opportunities. It’s best to join online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to
remote work, where platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, and even Facebook give you access to groups which
connect remote job seekers and employers.
Leverage company websites
Job boards present new career opportunities every day, yet it’s best not to limit them but to explore company
websites as well. Lots of companies have dedicated career pages for remote job listings and even the possibility
of sending your job application directly via their website. 
Some companies tend to build their database over the long term, which means you may get a phone call a few
months after your application is sent. Your proactive approach towards job searching may be a benefit in the
eyes of your future employer.
Polish your online presence

There are a few requirements considered while hiring a remote work candidate, yet some job seekers may not
be aware of the importance of their online presence and of its quality. Create an engaging online portfolio on
LinkedIn, make sure it’s up-to-date which will surely highlight your remote work skills. 
Set yourself apart from other candidates in a positive way, and remember that many employers review social
media profiles, which may tell much more about a candidate than any job application. Make sure they all look
professional and aligned with your career goals.

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