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Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene Photos – Stacy Willis Bus Crime Scene Photos – Tears, shock, cries, and an accident that happened in the Leeward Bus Terminal on Monday when many Vincentians saw one of the most horrifying and brutal acts up to at that moment, seen uniquely with sickening apprehension motion pictures and Al Qaeda execution recordings on the Internet.

Stacy Williams Bus Crime Photos, Graphics, and location. The life of Stacy William arrived at an extreme and challenging end. Stacy William was a bright 21-year-old. This index of facts will examine what we know about her brief life, early future, and the events that followed her murder. So, where did Stacy Williams go?

The attacker used a large knife to attack her. It took place in the bus terminal lot in Kingstown, Saint Vincent, on Monday, December 11, 2006. Shorn, Samuel trimmed off William’s right hand. Then, he hanged her body. Surrounded by stunned onlookers, he was jailed, and some of them took some shocking, graphic photos. Let’s discuss Stacy William’s crime photos, scenes, and graphics.

stacy wilson pictures

Stacy Wilson’s death

Wilson was only twenty-one years old and returning home from her job as a clinic desk clerk. Witnesses state that they saw the assailant, Sean Samuel, trailing behind Wilson at the Kingston bus visit.

Shortly after, Samuel pulled Wilson off the bus. Wilson tried to hide under the bus in search of refuge from Samuel. Yet, as she attempted to run, Samuel missed off her right arrow with a machete. Frightened viewers observed in shock as Samuel pulled her out from under the bus and started to behead the victim, which brought multiple strikes. Samuel held up Wilson’s decapitated skull before throwing it to the ground.

There was no time for Samuel to flee the scene. Swiftly, the police arrived and arrested Sean Samuel, but it was too late for Stacy Wilson. Eyewitnesses said the killer bowed his head and saluted to the police before he was restrained.

Stacy Wilson’s death

Various witness reports & claims

The case was quickly completed since Samuel was seen in the act. Yet, many facts, such as possible motives, have remained unsolved.

Some observers claimed Samuel was creating romantic advances to Stacy Wilson, which she continuously rejected. Outraged, Samuel committed his terrible crime. There are even some reports of Samuel appearing at Wilson’s place of work, where she repeatedly asked him to leave. However, this claim hasn’t lived confirmed.

One witness declared Samuel even kissed Stacy Wilson’s decapitated head before throwing it to the ground.

Various witness reports & claims

Beheadings in St. Vincent

Despite the small island’s inhabitants of 110,000, this is hardly the first beheading crime in the Caribbean city.

In 2003, the headless body of Albert Browne was located on the mountain near a small village in the southern St. Vincent region of Marriqua. Browne’s head was later found buried in a shallow hole 300 feet away from his body.

Although the murderer was convicted and died in 2009, the details of the crime are mainly unknown. At the time, this was considered the worst crime in the small island’s history.

Beheadings in St. Vincent

Samuel’s sister also condemned the killing

Sean Samuel’s sister, Rosetta Samuel, had horrifically killed her family on April 15th, 2013, in Brooklyn, New York. On that Monday, Rosetta Samuel shot her boyfriend, her infant son, and finally herself. Her eldest son, Dondre Samuel, escaped the shooting by jumping out the window.

Rosetta Samuel was a New York City police officer. She had left a suicide note explaining to Dondre that she killed his little brother to relieve the “burden” of caring for him.
A separate note was found torn to pieces in the toilet. Investigators were unable to decipher the damaged message.

Samuel’s sister also condemned the killing

what happened to Stacy Wilson?

On Monday, December 11, 2006, Wilson was shot on a bus and in the bus airport lot in Kingstown, Saint Vincent, by a machete-wielding attacker. The man, Shorn Samuel, chopped off Wilson’s right hand…and then beheaded her. Stunned onlookers detained him, some of whom also took shockingly graphic photos.

what happened to Stacy Wilson?

Shorn Samuel Held a Lengthy Record of Harassing Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson and Shorn Samuel lived in the small farming town of Vermont, just 12 miles north of Kingstown, the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.
Samuel also goes by the names Sean Samuel and Abdul Rahim Parsons, as well as the Muslim Islamaam.

Samuel visited his distant cousin Wilson and her family regularly. Soon enough, though, the visits started to take a creepy turn. Samuel, 14 years older, told Wilson he wanted her to be his wife.
Wilson, clearly unnerved by Samuel, told him not to visit their home anymore. He apologized for his behavior and continued to make regular visits. His apologies turned out to be hollow.

Shorn Samuel Held a Lengthy Record of Harassing Stacy Wilson

Wilson Lived Destroyed. Holding House from Work

On the afternoon of Monday, December 11, 2006, Wilson was sitting in an idling minibus at the Leeward bus terminal in Kingstown. She was on her way home, having just finished a long, stressful day working as a hospital clerk.

Samuel had visited her at work. He’d tried to get her attention. He even asked if he could speak with her for a minute in private. “I don’t want to talk to you,” she said.
Someone watching the interaction confronted Samuel and asked him if he knew Wilson. He said she was his cousin.

Wilson left work around 3:45 that afternoon to catch the minibus that would take her home to Vermont. Witnesses recall seeing Samuel walking closely behind, trying vainly to speak with her

The two boarded the bus. While the minibus was idling, Samuel wouldn’t leave Wilson alone; she got up and moved, sitting next to another woman. Samuel tried to speak to Wilson again, but she told him to leave her alone. Wilson got up again and sat directly behind the bus driver.

Samuel stood up and walked toward the front of the bus. A dagger (a short saber with a curved blade) still had a price tag that fell out of his back pocket. He grabbed it, put it back in his pocket, and stood by the bus’s front door, where the cousins continued to argue.

Samuel then took the dagger out and began chopping at Wilson. Wilson fell into the driver’s lap but then jumped out of the window, fleeing for her life. Her first instinct was to hide under the bus for her safety.
Samuel gave chase, chopping as he ran.

During the trial, one witness said Samuel dragged the terrified Wilson out from under the bus and chopped off her right hand at the wrist. As she fell to the ground, he began chopping at her neck. He nearly sawed off her head until it was hanging by a piece of skin.

Wilson Lived Destroyed. Holding House from Work

Loss to Her Whole Community

One week later, on Tuesday, December 19, friends, family, and strangers gathered to celebrate the life of Stacy Wilson at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vermont.
Her mother, Emelia Nanton, was a pillar of strength throughout the funeral. Wilson’s co-workers, friends, and family spoke of her life and how her death had left an unrepairable hole in their hearts.

Pastor Terrance Haynes delivered a eulogy that called for everyone to take their own lives more seriously.

“This life we share is God’s life; life is precious,” he said. He added that we must look beyond this world to the spiritual realm.

“The enemy is mingling among the innocent human beings; he is trying to get back at God. Life is getting cheap. We need to get back to a state of normalcy,” he said.
Haynes also criticized those who spread the horrific images of Wilson’s body on the Internet.
Afterward, there was a long procession from the church to the cemetery. In the drizzling rain, people sang songs and dedicated choruses to Wilson.

Loss to Her Whole Community

Not the First Beheading on Saint Vincent

The tiny Caribbean group of islands known as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a population of just 110,000. And yet Stacy Wilson was not the first beheading victim in the eastern Caribbean country.
In January 2003, the headless body of 68-year-old Albert Browne was discovered near a banana field in the southern Saint Vincent region of Marriaqua.
Following the footprints left behind, detectives found Browne’s head 300 feet away, buried in a banana hole and wrapped in a pair of pants.
At the time, it was considered one of the worst murders in the country’s history.
Daniel Trimmingham was convicted of murder. He died in prison in 2019.

In the months following his arrest for Stacy Wilson’s murder, Shorn Samuel demanded that he be transferred to a single prison cell for his safety. He did not like being harassed by fellow prisoners and officers.
Samuel also demanded that new trial documents be given because the ones he had were torn.
And he accused lawyer Ronald Marks of threatening him with an additional three years in prison if Samuel didn’t retain him. This was an odd claim since Marks wasn’t his attorney.
The increasingly tricky prisoner also announced he would not be standing for the national anthem when it played at the institution since his grandfather never did. “I am keeping with my principles. I don’t blame you. Do what you know,” Samuel said.

Not the First Beheading on Saint Vincent
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