Valicci Overhaul Reviews 2024 | Is Valicci Overhaul a Scam?

Are you examining buying modern supplements that can go with your outfit? Have you attended Valicci overhaul, an online outlet showing a broad spectrum of the latest style accessories at very reasonable rates? If you have seen the website Valicci Overhaul and questioned whether it is legit, here is a thorough examination of the website to help you comprehend whether it is a scam or real.

Our Valicci Overhaul review 2022 will allow our texts to comprehend this online manner outlet. The outlet presents a broad spectrum of fashion-related creations, including bracelets, rings, and genderless chains across the United States. Guests can conveniently buy style supplements online from anywhere and anytime.

But should you buy effects from Valicci Overhaul? Is the website safe? Read here to find out if it is a trustable website or not.

valicci overhaul reviews

What is Valicci?

Valicci is a website that sells expansive pastureland of contemporary and modern tone additions of the latest innovation. The website presents high-quality stainless-steel bracelets, chains, and buzzes. Yet, there were just a few facts learned on the website.

Valicci Overhaul shows to sell effects only in the United States, and guests can scan through the impact and read the use of the outcomes listed on the website. Each product is defined in part using development descriptions and high-quality images and is properly organized to permit users to find the right product.

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What is Valicci?

Website Specifications

  • Website Linkage:
  • Website Style: Valicci is a website that deals with high-quality and modern additions made of stainless steel.
  • Seller’s Address: 7319 Matthews Mint Hill Road, Suite-I, North Carolina
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact: Not available
  • Reserve Policy: According to the data public on the website, it shows development reserve within 30 days of ordering
  • Recovery and Restitution: The website offers creation recoveries within 30 days of order. The reimbursement will only be processed after the product is returned.
  • Ordering revocation: No details about order revocation is unrestricted on the website
  • Delivery: The development will be delivered within one-two week of the order.
  • Delivery expenses: The actual delivery expenses will be mentioned during the check-out methodology.
  • Sale: For exchange, the development must be returned to the seller.
  • Charge Modes: Credit Card, Debit Card, Google pay, Amex, etc.
  • Is Valicci Overhaul genuine: On reviewing the website, we found multiple loopholes.


  • The website shows a broad spectrum of the most delinquent, high-quality outcomes.
  • Each effect is noted under a distinct type – bracelets, rounds, chains, etc.
  • It delivers numerous price prospects, and consumers can choose the payment gateway.


  • has a meager trust score of 2%.
  • No data is open on the revocation procedure.
  • The contact digit of the group is not known.
  • No colonial media company
  • No actual development studies discovered

Pinched Contents makes use of photos stolen off from a developer’s online store. As seen via the Google tracking image, the jewelry is not initially that of the Valicci online shop.

This means that they’re giving off another individual’s position as this. They’d send clients probably inferior imitations that don’t look like the real thing.
This is because the makers of fashion accessories don’t sell them for such cheap prices.

Customer Complaints

Customers who shopped from this stock have gone to reviews online saying they were created to pay $79 for shipping. Also, they couldn’t follow their boxes on the Valicci website because they stood bringing the exact type of mistake, saying, “Info elusive, we can’t remember your digit yet.”

When the charge yet came, it wasn’t what kept standing announced. It is a good zinc alloy chain from China, costing 10 to 20 dollars.

Valicci Client Reviews

We couldn’t find client thoughts on the website, and while exploring for reviews on different bases, we could not find anything. No studies are open on review websites Trustpilot. Also, there is a shortage of colonial media companies in the business, creating the website more questionable. Hence, the authenticity of the website could not be confirmed.

Final Verdict

To finish, we can tell that the business is showing style supplements at a remarkably inferior expense only to draw buyers’ attention and scam them. The website is suspect because of a lack of contact numerals, sociable media company, revocation procedure, and customer reviews. Hence, we offer our customers to check this website before buying any effect from Valicci.

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