Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks in 2019

In this article, we will be talking about Gbwhatsapp, top 10 tricks on Whatsapp that you didn’t know about, and so much more.


[su_label type=”black”]What is GbWhatsapp Apk?[/su_label]


GBWhatsApp is the moded version of WhatsApp which opened many a larger number of features than typical WhatsApp and give finish freedom to appreciate the entire WhatsApp with no confinement. You can Send records of bigger size than you can send in typical WhatsApp you can customize themes and looks of WhatsApp visits and principle screen.


Now, we will move ahead to have a look on Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks.


[su_label type=”black”]Top 10 Whatsapp tricks -[/su_label]


[su_label type=”black”]Here are the top 10 tricks of Whatsapp as follows -[/su_label]
•    As the name says DND mode implies don’t exa,sperate mod and it is an extremely supportive mod when you need to utilize the web however don’t need individuals to see twofold ticks of your messages or WhatsApp messages won’t irritate you.
•    This feature incorporates Hiding you from different clients and gives you the decision of numerous protection related choices to show signs of improvement security than typical WhatsApp.
•    This feature gives you a chance to cover up online status and notwithstanding when you are utilizing WhatsApp, it just demonstrates, your last observed (on the off chance that you haven’t incapacitated it in WhatsApp settings). It is a beneficial feature when you don’t need anybody to aggravate you, or you need to visit, with your accomplice or close companion at late night.
•    Fourth feature on the list gives you a chance to update stories and status both at the same time which is not possible on original application Whatsapp.
•    Fifth feature or trick is that you can also update a status with 255 characters which is more than 155 characters available on Whatsapp.
•    The sixth feature on the list that can be used as Patrick is that it allows its users to try different emoticons and send files more than 30 MB at one go.
•    It also has a pre-loaded business feature which gives the application a professional look and as well as a personal touch.
•    This trick is that you can do a conference video and voice call. We have heard about the conference video call but not voice conference call on Whatsapp.
•    A user can also send forwards to more than 250 contacts at once/one go.
•    The last trick is that a user as an admin of WhatsApp group won’t be needing to add contact numbers in their contacts to add the person in the group rather he/she can add the number directly in the group without saving the number.


Final Words –


In this article, we have talked about Gbwhatsapp,

top 10 tricks on Whatsapp that you didn’t know about, and so much more.


Thank you for reading the article, and let us know if

we have missed out on any of your favorite points or if your favorite point is already mentioned above.


The article was articulated after looking into opinions of different experts online from all over the globe respectively.


The post is in no way sponsored by GbWhatsapp, Whatsapp, and their development team respectively.


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